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The Loss Control division collects and maintains this reference library for the education of our member municipalities.
The documents below are .doc files unless noted.

Please read this notice before using any materials or information provided on this website: All reference documents are provided in an effort to aid individuals and public entities dealing with safety and health issues. Users of these reference documents are hereby notified that AMIC, MWCF and ALM bear no responsibility for the content of any of the information provided. Use of any reference documents contained herein is not a substitute for obtaining individualized legal advice. Users are advised that all materials must be updated and adapted to local needs and circumstances. Use of any reference document is at the sole risk of the user. AMIC, MWCF and ALM, its instrumentalities, and their staff disclaim any and all responsibility or liability which may arise or result from the use or implementation of all or any portion of the information or materials included on this website. In no event will AMIC, MWCF or ALM be liable for damages of any kind or nature, including, but no limited to general, consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary or special damages, arising from or in any way connected with any information provided herein.

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15PV-001    15 Passenger Van Sample Policy (pdf)
15PV-002    15 Passenger Vans Best Practices

ADAR-001   ADA 2000 City Government Common Problems (pdf)
ADAR-002   ADA 2000 Small Town Guide (pdf)
ADAR-003   ADA 2010 Standards (pdf)
ADAR-004   ADA 2012 Swimming Pool Access (pdf)

AXIN-001    Accident Investigation Form - Sample 1 (pdf)
AXIN-002    Accident Investigation Form - Sample 2
AXIN-003    Accident Investigation Form - Sample 3 (pdf)
AXIN-004    Accident Investigation Guidelines
AXIN-005    Five Questions to Ask During Incident Investigation (pdf)
AXIN-006     Guide to Identifying Causal Factors (pdf)
AXIN-007    Sample Near Miss Accident Report
AXIN-008    Sample Vehicle or Equipment Accident Report
AXIN-009    Sample Vehicle & Equipment Incident Review Program (pdf)
AXIN-010    Accident Review Board - Sample Policy

BLTN-001    Christmas Lights (pdf)
BLTN-002    Emergency Vehicle Alert (pdf)
BLTN-003    Emerging Health Issues (pdf)
BLTN-004    Firefighter SCBA Equipment Alert (pdf)
BLTN-005    Gas Pilot Lights (pdf)
BLTN-006    New Firearms Law - Municipal Reqs. (pdf)
BLTN-007    Playground Safety (pdf)
BLTN-008    Pool Testing Safety Alert (pdf)
BLTN-009    Chlorine Safety (pdf)
BLTN-010    Fire Extinguisher Bulletin (pdf)
BLTN-011    Heat Related Illness (pdf)
BLTN-012    Electrical Safety Tips (pdf)
BLTN-013     Ladder Safety Tips (pdf)
BLTN-014    Playground Safety Tips (pdf)
BLTN-015    Bucket Truck Safety (pdf)
BLTN-016    Defensive Flagging (pdf)
BLTN-017    Hand Tool Safety (pdf)
BLTN-018    Hearing Safety (pdf)
BLTN-019    Private Probation Services Bulletin (pdf)
BLTN-020    Back Safety (pdf)
BLTN-021    Power Line Safety (pdf)
BLTN-022    String Trimmer Safety (pdf)
BLTN-023    Sexual Harassment Bulletin (pdf)
BLTN-024    10 Steps to an Effective Motor Vehicle Safety Program (pdf)
BLTN-025    Securing Municipal Employees and Officials (pdf)
BLTN-026    First Aid Kits (pdf)
BLTN-027    DUI Clearinghouse (pdf)

CHLR-001     Chlorine Facts and Guidelines
CHLR-002    Chlorine Safety

CLPH-001    Cell Phone Policy - Sample 1
CLPH-002    Cell Phone Policy - Sample 2
CLPH-003     Cell Phone Policy - Sample 3
CLPH-004    Cell Phone Policy - Sample 4

CNSB-001    Contractor Liability Insurance Requirements
CNSB-002     Private Probation Services Bulletin (pdf)

COVD-001    Loss Control COVID-19 Bulletin (pdf)
COVD-002    COVID-19 SOP Powerpoint (ppt)
COVD-003    COVID-19 SOP Written Test
COVD-005    Prattville Patient Transport Guide Sample (pdf)
COVD-006    Transport of COVID-19 Patient Flowchart (pdf)
COVD-007    Cleaning EMS Vehicles_COVID-19 (pdf)
COVD-008    Prattville FD Station Visitors Sample (pdf)
COVD-009    COVID-19 PowerPoint Training Certificate
COVD-010    A Cleveland Clinic Guide for First Responders  (pdf)

CPTR-001    Sample Computer Policy
CPTR-002    Sample Computer, Internet and Network Usage Policy
CPTR-003    Social Media Policies (pdf)
CPTR-004    Internet Policy

CFSP-002    Safety in Confined Spaces

DISP-001      Disciplinary Procedures - Sample 1
DISP-002      Disciplinary Procedures - Sample 2

EMVE-001    Best Practices for Emergency Vehicles
EMVE-002    Sample Emergency Vehicle Operations Policy

FRBP-001    Public Safety Officer's Benefits Program
FRBP-002    AL Board of Adjustments First Responder Death Benefits
FRBP-003    Alabama First Responder Poster 2019

HABC-001    Habitual Claimants Guidelines

HEPB-001    Hepatitis B Declination Statement
HEPB-002    Hepatitis B Vaccine (pdf)

HDAY-001     Holiday Checklist

HLTH-001    First Aid Kits (pdf)

JDPH-001      Job Descriptions (pdf)

LDTY-001       Light Duty Return to Work (pdf)

MVRC-001     Driver License Point System
MVRC-002    Perform Motor Vehicle Record Checks
MVRC-003    Sample MVR Policy
MVRC-004    MVR Policy Sample 2

NHSO-001    New Employee Safety Orientation (pdf)

NEMV-001    Guest Passenger in Municipal Vehicle
NEMV-002     Non-Employees Riding Exposure Explained     
NEMV-003    Sample Vehicle Use Policy Form

PPEQ-001    Personal Protective Equipment
PPEQ-002    Personal Protective Equipment Policy
PPEQ-003    PPE Use Policy

PSOP-001    Terry Stops and Demanding Identification
PSOP-002    Foot Pursuits
PSOP-003    Take-Home Vehicles
PSOP-004    Use of Force
PSOP-005    Hiring Practices for Law Enforcement
PSOP-006    Reserve Officer Information Packet
PSOP-007    Vehicle Pursuits
PSOP-008    Body Worn Cameras
PSOP-009    Body Worn and Weapon Mounted Cameras
PSOP-010    Holding Cells
PSOP-011    Emergency/Non-Emergency Vehicle Response
PSOP-012    Domestic Violence
----- PSOP-012A     DV Victim Assistance Card (English)
----- PSOP-012B     DV Victim Assistance Card (Spanish)
PSOP-013    Communicable Disease
PSOP-014    Peer Support (ALLEAPS)
PSOP-015    Naloxone Usage
----- PSOP-015A    Fentanyl Safety Recommendations (pdf)
PSOP-016    Speech and Use of Social Media
PSOP-017    Firing Range Operations
PSOP-018    Off Duty Employment Packet
PSOP-019    Mobile Video Recorder
PSOP-020    Active Shooter Response-Schools
PSOP-021    Firearms Regulations
PSOP-022    Duty to Intervene and Report
PSOP-023    Canine Unit
PSOP-024    Property; Lost, Stolen, Confiscated
PSOP-025    Restraint Chair
PSOP-026    School Resource Officer
PSOP-027    Simunition Safety
PSOP-028    Road Spike Sysytems
PSOP-029    Fitness for Duty
PSOP-030    Off-Duty Conduct - Arrest
PSOP-031    Body Armor
PSOP-032    Reflective Vest
PSOP-033    Death Notification

PRIN-001    Employee Report of Hazard (pdf)
PRIN-002    Fire Assessment Poster (pdf)
PRIN-003     Life Safety Evaluation Checklist (pdf)
PRIN-004    Maine Municipal League Inspection Guide (pdf)
PRIN-005    Risk Assessment Checklist
PRIN-006     Sample Facilities Inspection Checklist
PRIN-007    Workshop Safety Checklist

RCAR-001    Archery Park Guide

RCBL-001    Bleacher Safety Guidelines
RCBL-002    CPSC Guideleines - Retrofitting Bleachers (pdf)

RCEQ-001    Equestrian Event Signage Statute

RCGN-001    Sample Emergency Plan for Sports Facility

RCPG-001    CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook (pdf)

RCSB-001    Skateboard Park Signage Statute
RCSB-002    TML Public Skating Facility Guidelines (pdf)

RCSO-001    CPSC Movable Soccer Goals Guidelines (pdf)

RCSP-001    ADA Regulations for Swimming Pools Bulletin (pdf)
RCSP-002    CDC Pool Guidelines (pdf)
RCSP-003    Pool Water Testing Safety Bulletin (pdf)
RCSP-004    TML Aquatics Risk Management (pdf)
RCSP-005     ADA 2012 Swimming Pool Access (pdf)

RMEQ-001    Attorney General Opinion 94-00134 (pdf)
RMEQ-002    Attorney General Opinion 97-00061 (pdf)
RMEQ-003     Summary of AG Opinions on Renting

SCBA-001    NFPA SCBA Air Analysis Requirements
SCBA-002    SCBA Air Analysis Safety Bulletin (pdf)

SCHL-001      Active Shooter Response - Schools

SEWR-001     Coping with a Sewer Backup (pdf)
SEWR-002    Information for Homeowners and Residents (pdf)
SEWR-003    Onsite Sewer Backup Assessment (pdf)
SEWR-004     Sewer Backup Follow Up Investigation (pdf)
SEWR-005     Sewer Backup Intake Report (pdf)
SEWR-006     Sewer Backup Legal and Liability Considerations (pdf)
SEWR-007     Sewer Backup Response Procedures (pdf)

SFTI-001        Attorney General Opinion - Safety Incentive Programs (pdf)
SFTI-002        Safety Incentive Programs
SFTI-003        Sample Safety Incentive Program

SFTM-001      Safety Meeting Documentation
SFTM-002      Safety Meeting Guidelines

SOCM-001    Social Media Policy Article
SOCM-002    Social Media Sample Policy

SPEV-001      KLC Special Events Planning Guide (pdf)
SPEV-002      Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) (pdf)
SPEV-003      Parade Policy
SPEV-004      Parade Safety Guidelines (pdf)

STBL-001     Seat Belt Policy

SXHA-001    Sample Sexual Harassment Policies
SXHA-002    Sexual Harassment Free Workplace
SXHA-003    Sexual Harassment Bulletin (pdf)

TLGR-001    Grinder Safety Poster (pdf)
TLGR-002    Zero Turn Mower ROPS (pdf)

TRFL-001      Sidewalk Liability (pdf)

TRNC-001    Trenching and Excavation Tips (pdf)

VHIN-001       Fleet Management for Public Entities
VHIN-002       Transit System Inspection List
VHIN-003       Vehicle Maintenance Request
VHIN-004       Weekly Vehicle Inspection
VHIN-005       Sample Fleet Safety Program
VHIN-006       10 Steps to an Effective Motor Vehicle Safety Program (pdf)

VOFD-001     Volunteer Fire Department Manual (pdf)

VOLN-001      Hold Harmless Agreement Template for Volunteers
VOLN-002      Volunteers in Municipal Government
VOLN-003      Work Release Inmate Use and Citizen Ride Alongs

WKPL-001     Securing Municipal Employees and Officials  (pdf)
WKPL-002    Workplace Violence Sample Policy
WKPL-003    Active Shooter Protocol

WZSF-001    Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (pdf)
WZSF-002    Building Safer Highway Work Zones (pdf)